Best States to Visit in the US

rankopedia-best-u-s-state-to-visitTourists and travelers who are eager to discover United States of America will be able to visualize this website and have a look at some of the most interesting and beautiful states that one can visit once having reached the US.

Depending on the individual preferences, the best states to visit in the United States of America are those who contain different elements of interest for the respective tourists and travelers. Therefore, the states that will be presented in the following do not comprise a definitive or comprehensive list and choosing them can be adapted to the specific requirements and preferences of the individual tourist.

  • New York:

starting off with probably the most popular choice among tourists who come to U.S.A., the state of New York and its corresponding city is the perfect destination for those who wish to immerse themselves into the perfect example of a modern state, with numerous urban agglomerations and impressive sky scrapers;

  • Washington:

this state is the 18th largest in the whole country and is well known for its impressive mountainous landscapes and vast forest that make up the ideal scenery for those who are up to a hike on the western coast of U.S.A.;

  • Alaska:

yet another interesting choice for those who appreciate the vast, natural landscapes, this state is considered to be one of the most spectacular northern areas, most prominently known for its never-ending pristine forests which are contrasted only by the various industrial actions that take place in it for using its resources;

  • Nevada:

a choice for those who appreciate desert climate and wish to visit the settlements of those who live in arid climates, it is well known for its most interesting city – Las Vegas, which is the “Holy Grail” for those who appreciate gambling and wish to try their luck in casinos.